Max Lyons holding sea weed

Max Lyons

Sustainable Food Systems Coordinator

Max Lyons recently graduated from St. John’s University with a bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science. While completing his degree, Max and fellow students devoted much of their time to experimenting with aquaponics and mycology to increase ethical, economical, and environmentally conscious access to food.

His interest in local food systems and background in environmental studies emerged from the Rocky Mountains of Colorado where he spent his childhood exploring the outdoors. Max has spent the last two summers in Larsen Bay, AK working to improve the sustainability of charter fishing and expand local food production with Marlene’s Garden (An Alutiiq Grown Farm).

At the beginning of 2022, Max decided to increase his involvement with KALI as the project and marketing coordinator. With a deep passion for sustainability, food and culture, Max is eager to increase the production of food and energy across the region. Max is now a full time resident of Kodiak and you can find him exploring the island, working in local coffee shops or getting his hands dirty at the community farms.